Fundamentally you could just go to LinkedIn and grab all of this information, but just putting it out here in case you’re lazy

Thoucentric Dec 20 - Present

I’m the infrastructure wizard in the company, we use Azure but our infrastructure is setup in a cloud agnostic way which means little to no reliance on managed services and everything runs inside Docker containers and Kubernetes Clusters.

I have built a couple of in-house tools, the most notable being ThouSecure which is basically a CLI tool that performs automated vulnerability assessments and applies necessary security patches and configurations whenever a new VM is deployed.

Awards and Honours:

In recognition of my efforts, I’ve been awarded a couple of shiny trophies during my time here at Thoucentric.

  • Making a Difference Award: For contributions towards client outreach and business growth
  • Spirit Leader: For instrumental contributions towards the development of Cloud BI and MLOps capabilities in the organisation
  • Atlas Award: For organisational contributions beyond project delivery.

Freelance Developer and Cloud Consultant Jan 15 - Dec 2020

Successfully migrated legacy systems to cloud, reducing operational costs by about 50% by using cloud services from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Built and managed websites on dedicated Virtual Private Servers within AWS, overseeing critical server administration tasks such as configuring email services, resolving network and security issues, and conducting routine maintenance.